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At Whitechapel Church of England Primary School, it is our intention to deliver a high-quality curriculum which is ambitious and inspires pupils to succeed in all they do.

Our curriculum is driven by our aspirations for all our children. Through our curriculum, children develop the essential knowledge, skills and understanding which enables them to become lifelong learners, making a positive contribution to society and understanding the impact they can have.


Clear long-term planning has been produced for all subject areas, including skills mapping and knowledge organisers and ensures coverage of the national curriculum requirements. Therefore, all teachers have a clear understanding of what is to be taught, what the children already know and what they will go on to learn next. Our curriculum subjects are taught discreetly to ensure high-quality learning within every subject. Each area of the curriculum details the ‘end product’ which the children know they are working towards, giving them a clear purpose for their learning, this may be in the form of a debate, presentation, performance, competition etc…

Our long-term planning also details the important elements which we interweave into our curriculum:


*High quality texts to support learning

*A mix of both male and female figures (past and current)

*Opportunities for spirituality

*Locality/Historical links



Pupils leave Whitechapel Church of England Primary School with a secure knowledge of the curriculum and the skills which will support them to become lifelong learners. They leave us as respectful, thoughtful and ambitious children who are ready for the next stage of their education.

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Mathematics                                                                       English                                                                    Science

Design Technology                                                            Computing                                                              History

Geography                                                                          Music                                                                        Art

French                                                                                  Physical Education (PE) (inc swimming)             Religious Education (RE)

Personal, Social, Health, Education (PSHCE) and Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)                            

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