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Standards and Achievements

Pupils are continually assessed throughout their education to record their attainment and achievement.

  • Attainment: this is the standard of academic attainment, typically shown by test and examination results.
  • Progress: this is the extent to which pupils have progressed in their learning from their starting points and capabilities.
  • Achievement: this takes into account the standards of attainment reached by pupils and the progress they have made to reach those standards.

At Whitechapel Primary assessment is integral in the teaching and learning process. Continued monitoring of each child’s progress gives a clear picture of what each child is doing. It is important that the teacher knows what has been remembered, what skills have been acquired and what concepts have been understood. This enables teachers to reflect on what children are doing and informs their future planning. The outcomes of our assessments will help children become involved in raising their own expectations, celebrating their own achievement and increasing their self-motivation.

In Reception assessments are carried out at the beginning of the school year or when a child enters school. Throughout their time in Reception an individual Learning Journey is developed in which children, parents and staff all contribute so that a robust profile of what each child can do is created. These assessments inform our planning. At the end of the Foundation Stage a profile will be completed for each child.

At the end of Year 2 and Year 6 pupils take the National SATs tests. These results are reported to parents and recorded nationally. For all children in Year 1 – 6 teacher assessments are reported to parents at the end of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. These assessments are also used to help inform teachers planning for the next year and help to plot pupils’ progress. However, there are many other measures which we use to mark achievement and it is important to recognise that individuals have many and varied talents.

Whitechapel Primary School Attainment and Achievement 2019

Below are the standards achieved by the school in 2019 and over the last three years and how this compares nationally.

Further information and performance tables can be found at the following link:


KS2 Expected Standard TrendsKS2 Progress TrendKS2 High Standard trend

Key Stage 2 Average Scaled Score Trend


School 2016-17

National 2016-17

School 2017-18

National 2017-18

School 2018-19

National 2018-19

Average ‘Scaled Score’ in reading













Average ‘Scaled Score’ in mathematics













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