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What is home learning?


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Homework Grids explained...

Children will receive a homework grid at the beginning of each half term with details of different activities on it. Some tasks are starred and we encourage all children to complete these activities (such as reading and spellings) on a daily/weekly basis. The other activities are optional and children are encouraged to select a number of these activities to complete over the half term, which include tasks to support children’s health and well-being. Children can record the activities they have completed in a variety of ways including; written records, photographs, models, drawings etc. The class teachers then allow time at the end of each half term for the children to share their activities with the rest of the class.

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How Can Parents Help?

To be effective, home learning needs to be part of a wider partnership between parents and school. It is a fact that children develop their skills, interests and talents when parents encourage them to make maximum use of the experiences and opportunities that are available outside school.

  • Listen to your child read on a daily basis.
  • Home learning is a learning tool, so go out and about – learn together!
  • When appropriate, extend home learning tasks by using appropriate websites or library resources.
  • Complete physical activities and connect with the wider community to support and promote well-being.
  • Praise and encourage your child when they are completing home learning activities.




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